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5 Pink blazer dresses to die for

Almost 2 months ago I attended the wedding of my lovely cousin. I had been looking forward to her wedding for quite some time, but I hadn’t prepared my wardrobe for it. I had no clue what to wear and to be honest, I wasn’t gonna spend too much money on a dress because it would just end in the back of my closet and probably never be worn or even seen again.

So, my first idea was to borrow a dress from my sister. Problem is: we have entirely different body types and entirely different tastes. I knew this was a risk, but she has sooooo many clothes. Something had to work out. It didn’t. As always, I ended up looking like Cinderella’s stepsister trying on the glass shoe. Only one of the dresses was a meh, but it wasn’t a full on yasssss. It was a blazer dress in dusty pink. Dusty pink is perfect for my doll-like sister. Not so much for me. The fit was good tho. So we made it our mission to find a blazer dress in a color that complimented my skin tone. And here we have the result.

Barely there perspex block heels | €35,99 | Ego, Purse | €7,99 | Primark

A hot pink blazer dress from Zara. The color looks bomb with my skin and the belt creates a faux hourglass shape. As I have a straight waist, I like to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

I got a lot of questions about my dress, but Zara being the fast-fashion store that it is threw it out of its collection within a blink of an eye. Which brought us to this post! I might not have been able to find the Zara dress, but I was able to line up five other beauties. So without further ado, here are:

5 Pink blazer dresses to die for

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Oh, and I have a little extra all the way at the bottom of the post

Pleated Buckled Blazer Dress | €54,60 | Pretty Little Thing

Sleeveless blazer dress | 19,99 | Bershka

Cape Detail Blazer dress | €24,00 | Boohoo

I hope you enjoyed this little shopping guide of pink blazer dresses. But what is a dress without some cute pair of shoes, right? I got you. Because you can get 20% at Ego for a cute pair of shoes to match your dress. Use code GIMME20 and get 20% off. Items in sale not included.

Still want more cute dresses? Follow my Pinterest board for some amazing dresses. And of course, don’t forget to like and share!

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