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7 Maxi dresses to be all kinds of extra for Virgo-season

3 women posing in glamorous dresses

If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, you might have noticed a sudden flood of dresses coming by. It’s because unbeknownst to me, I sorta kinda started a tradition. Last year I chose to celebrate my birthday in Malta, as I didn’t really saw the point in celebrating my birthday back home. The whole, people are coming over and I have to take care of their foods and drinks isn’t my thing. I’m not a very hospitable person tbh. Can you believe I almost graduated in International Hospitality Management, tho?

Anywho, as I’m not feeling that idea I choose to celebrate my birthday on my terms (as anyone should) by going abroad on my birthday. Last year was Malta, and this year it’s London. When I told some people about my trip, they immediately asked me: do you already have a dress?


When I went to Malta last year, I got this beautiful off shoulder gown sewn by an old schoolmate of mine and apparently it was to their liking as I’m expected to have another dress this year.

But I don’t…At least not yet. And my beloved seamstress moved back to Curacao.

I have about 1 week (no pressure) to order the dress if I want it to be at my place in time and in case need a plan B. So I’m now speed-hunting thru my favorite pages looking for a maxi dress in either neon, orange, white or metallic. Why so specific? Issa Virgo-thing, darling. We have to specific wishes to meet our extra-soul.

Beyonce walking dresses as queen in gold and royal blue

Let’s not forget who our Virgo MUVA is

Are you a fellow Virgo in need of a party dress for your extra soul or you just want a dress, because you deserve it?

Here are the 7 maxi dresses to be all kinds of extra in

Just so you know: This article contains affiliate links

woman in front of pool in orange bandage maxi dress

Bandeau Maxi Dress Orange | Oh Polly | €97,12

Were these dresses not what you were looking for? Click here for more dress inspo.

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