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What’s On My Personal Style Wish List For March 2020?

We have reached March and guess who STILL hasn’t shopped any clothing? That’s right!

Your girl has been able to go 2 whole months without buying any clothing. I did buy skin care products. Because winter is taking a toll on my skin and I can tell that the usual products aren’t working, so I’m currently tryna find a proper moisturizer that’s good for oily skin and doesn’t dry my skin in the harsh Dutch weather. So, if you have any recommendations…I’m all ears!

However…Now that I accomplished not shopping for any clothing for 2 months, the urge to shop is growing stronger and stronger. Tho, I’d like to blame my sister as she has let me know that she too has a very strong urge to shop as well. And since we believe we are telepathically linked to one another, I’d like to say this is one of those moments as well.

Now you might wonder: why don’t you just go shopping and get it over with? Well, for multiple reasons. One of them being that I’m trying to save. And tbh, not shopping has given me a bit more saving space for some other goals. It can always be better, but any bit of progress counts. Plus, I’m trying to train myself not to give into my urges. I’m in charge of them, not the other way around.

But, just because I’m not shopping doesn’t mean I can share the items my heart have been crying for me to buy right? So what items have my heart doing overtime for the last few days?


I honestly think joggers are still not getting they deserve. They are comfortable and can be very stylish. Not to mention, ladies, they can be worn with sneakers and heels if you feel like you’re looking too casual. Sadly enough, some workplaces still consider them unprofessional. I think these babies are very dope and can be part of a great look.

Oh, I’ll be adding some tracksuits as well, since some of the joggers I’m loving have a great jacket to go with!

Chunky booties

Anyone who knows me, know I love a good bootie. And as much as I love heels like many other women, nothing’s better than having a pair of booties that not only look cute but gets you through a long day on your feet as well. And just like sneakers, they look good with almost anything! Except they’re less casual.

90’s Style Denim

I bet you can’t name one person that doesn’t wear denim in their life. I’ll wait…I bet you can’t come up with one, because everybody looks good in denim. Plus, denim always stays in style. Granted, it makes some changes here and there, but like a boomerang it’ll always come back. And much to the joy of my 90’s baby’s heart, the 90’s style has made its return for the past season. But to finally see the baggy jeans and oversized jackets appear in stores? I say, shut up and take my money!

I’m not gonna lie. After writing this, my shopping jitters have somewhat calmed down. Who knew that making a shopping list could be so therapeutic?

If your shopping jitters aren’t over and you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board where I share all my findings.

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