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16 Budget Friendly Items From My Favorite Spring 2020 Trends

We are officially one week away from spring. Thank the Universe! I am over this damned Dutch winter and ready to see some flowers growing, see people walking up straight instead of all shrunken, but most importantly…I’m ready for some proper Vitamin D. So, please Mother Nature, hear my prayers. Gimme some sunshine.

Also, so I can start wearing some of these great items that I have listed that are not only cute to look at, but very budget friendly!

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. Meaning, some of the items posted might earn me some extra coins.

The Itsy Bitsy Top

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini
That she wore for the first time today 

That’s right, you can be this girl and wear your itsy bitsy top. Except, you shouldn’t want to stay in the locker. You oughta own it and strut your stuff, for the itsy bitsy top is happening this season!

Go Big Or Go Home

In my previous post, I already mentioned  that the 90’s are making their return and the oversized denim has made its returns to the stores. But in Spring 2020 we’re not limited to denim. Albeit sleeves or the size of your shirt. Feel free to go big or go home this spring!

See Right Through

In case you couldn’t tell from my earlier posts I looooove sheer clothing! I think it’s incredibly sexy and very elegant at the same time. Each year I look forward to pulling out my sheer skirt and let it flow in the summer breeze! So when I saw it trending for this Spring, my heart did a little leap of joy. Guess we buying more sheer items!

Asymmetric Sleeves

Apparently symmetry is history as this season they’re coming at us with all kinds of asymmetric garment. Asymmetric dresses, asymmetric skirts etc. etc. My personal fav is the asymmetric sleeve, tho. Get to show a little extra shoulder when you can’t go for sheer *wink*wink*.

What is your favorite trend for spring 2020?

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