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10 Things that are absolutely okay!

It's okay if you need 2 adays to recover

Welcome to another edition of “Hey, it’s okay…”Hey, it’s okay…”
Where we talk about things we do and people try to make you feel bad for it.
Let this be your safe haven of giving into guilty pleasures and quirky habits.

With that said;

here are a 10 things that are absolutely okay!

It's okay to go completely off line

If online life is giving you anxiety: log off.
Just let some family and friends know in advance
or they might report you missing and start a full on search party

It's okay to hate cookin, even as a womanListen, this “you’re a woman, you should love cooking”-ish is archaic.
As a matter of fact, I believe the 60’s just sent me a message
saying they want their sexist mindset back.

Also, people who like to eat aren’t automatically people who look to cook.
Keep that in mind.

It's okay to ask strangers to take a picture of you.I mean, it’d be a bloody shame if that bomb outfit doesn’t get eternized.

It's okay to eat the same meal the entire day thru If the food’s great, be great and eat great.

It's okay to skip a day of workoutDon’t beat yourself up over skipping that one day.
Just make sure it doesn’t extend to a month of skipping.

It's okay if you need 2 adays to recoverI. Get. You.
As hard as it is to admit;
recovery at this age just takes a bit longer.

On that note…

And probably resulting in the next worst hangover.


Especially if it’s Stranger Things.
Anyone finished watching season 3, by the way?

Or any form of public transport.
From one non-runner to another, I get it.
Chances are that the driver drives off, simply to embarrass you.
Or you get hella sweaty, before even getting to work.
Even though I get it, don’t make getting late a habit.

It's okay to shop soloAfter all, you are your best company.


What are your guilty pleasures you like to indulge in, knowing people would give you the side eye?

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