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The comeback you didn’t know you needed

Calling all millenials! FUBU has returned. I repeat: FUBU has returned. And they hit us with a dope collabo with Sorella.

I’m not gonna lie; I had never heard of Sorella before this collab, but they have now officially made it to my go-to shops. Especially since they actually use melanin models. Take notes Missguided, Boohoo & Pretty Little Thing.

Anywho, when I read about this little drop I had to take a look. And they didn’t disappoint. At all. From sweats, to oversized jerseys, to cycling shorts. What had caught my eye was the color pallet. A combination of the old school white and babyblue, and the modern neon and black. Apparently this was thought through as they told Essence:

“We chose baby blue to connect more with the original esthetic of FUBU and lime green to align more with our modern Sorella style.”

The only thing I was missing were accessories. There were literally only 4 (!!!) accessories in this collection, which were cute. But I can’t help but wonder what a FUBUxSorella bucket hat would have been like. Still, the items are pretty damned dope and down below I posted  5 of my favorite items.

What do you think? Does it excite your 00’s self? Are you buying? If so, go ahead and use code TRAPPIN for 20% off. Oh, but be quick. These babies are going like hot buns.




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