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The time is now

This post was inspired by a post I recently read about this 29-year young, ambitious woman who’s full of dreams. Sounds like me, right? The big difference is, she might not make it to see 40. Hell, she might not even make it to 35, due to her chronic disease.

At the time she found out that she was ill, she made the choice to accomplish every minute, every hour, every day to accomplish the things many young, ambitious women dream of. She went to graduate from several studies, landed herself a high-paid job, started her own company. Yet, there was one very critical detail: she was ill.

It all came crashing down on her quite some time before she told herself it’s okay to be sick and realized that she still hadn’t accomplished her own dreams.

Think about it for a second. Read the previous written paragraphs if you need to, but think about it carefully. Can you imagine only having a few years to live and not having done anything you’ve truly wanted yet, because right now we have to do what society tells us to do (yes, I went there). We have to earn that degree before our 25th, to land that job we need. So we can buy the car that will take us to the job that will allow us to buy the house where we need to start a family before our 30th.

No pressure.

Meanwhile, deep down your heart is screaming NO! This isn’t what you want. You want something else. But we ignore our hearts, because we can do all the things that we want later.

I just wrote about the young woman who might not even have a later. And as healthy as you might be now, you might not even have a later either. Sounds cruel, don’t it? It’s the truth, though.


To be honest, I am guilty of the same behavior. I have been procrastinating as if I’ve got all the time in the world. Talking about being a huge hypocrite.

See, my sister is a Lupus warrior and quite often we have conversations about how tomorrow’s not promised for her.  And she reminds me that it isn’t promised for neither one of us, because I can get hit by a car and it’ll all be over. Mind you, she usually tells me this when I want to buy something I really want, but know I’ll barely use. I swear, it’s a great way to relief myself of shopper’s guilt.

But my point is, it’s hypocritical of me to waste precious time. Time that I could spend on fulfilling my dreams, I waste on things my interest don’t go out to at all (anymore).

Am I saying you need to drop every responsibility and Carpe Diem? No. I’m saying you need to take care of your responsibilities and Carpe Diem. Do not procrastinate your dreams. If there’s a time to work on your dreams, the time is NOW. Work on your dreams every day. Do something that allows you to feel fulfilled and content every day. Not tomorrow, but today. Keep going until your dreams become your reality.


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