Review: Purpuz Planner 2019 (NL)

Wat is beter dan gewone agenda? Een agenda die inspireert, motiveert en zowel productiviteit als creativiteit stimuleert. Bestemd om ervoor te zorgen dat jij jouw doelen behaald terwijl je balans in je leven behoud. Op Facebook wordt het met 5 sterren beoordeeld. En in 2017 de BOL #1 best verkochte planner. En nu mag ik de 2019 Pink Purpuz Planner reviewen! … More Review: Purpuz Planner 2019 (NL)

Highlights of ’17

I said it once and I’ll say it again, this year flew by!
But for the first time in a while I can look back at the year with a smile on my face.
I have failed, overcome and grown in a way that 3 years ago I didn’t deem as possible.
Which is why as a little shoulder pat to myself, I’m  listing some of my highlights of ’17. … More Highlights of ’17

The time is now

Are you a procrastinator?
Do you wait for tomorrow to fulfill your dreams. Then this one is for you.

This post was inspired by a post I recently read about this 29-year young, ambitious woman who’s full of dreams. Sounds like me, right? The big difference is, she might not make it to see 40. … More The time is now

How to keep going?

I’d like to dedicate this piece to my dear friend. She called me last night -we hadn’t talked on the phone or in person for at least 2-3 months- to tell me how much my previous post. This meant a lot, as this is exactly the reason I do this. But then she asked me a question and it was a question I had asked myself many times. How do I keep going when everything is going to shit?

Had she asked me this 4 years ago, I would’ve told her: by surviving.

But now, in 2017, I know how to keep going even when everything seems to fall apart and I want to share it with you. … More How to keep going?