Photodiary: Getaway as a unicorn pt. 3

I’ll be taking you to one of the most memorable days of my life: my sister’s wedding, where I held my first public speech, my niece stole the show and I caught the bouquet (YES BIH). Mind you, today it’s the two-month anniversary of her wedding! Also we’re going sailing with my best friend, going BTS of my beloved partner in crime’s photoshoot and you’re gonna meet some of my family members.  … More Photodiary: Getaway as a unicorn pt. 3

#Tbt: Dance like no one’s watching

Welcome to episode 2 of 500 words a day. My dear partner in crime, Stephen, gave me some really great suggestions, including the theme of today: Throwback Thursday.

It was godawful to go down in memory lane. Scrolling through pictures made my stomach turn. I’m pretty sure my intestines tied themselves into a knot. Memory lane is not my favorite road to take. But then again, it’s easier to focus on the negative rather than to highlight the good. Such as my dancing days. … More #Tbt: Dance like no one’s watching