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3 Reasons to quit hiding your magic

Raise your hand if you sometimes hide your magic on purpose.


Raise your hand again if any of these resonates with you.

I’m holding back, because:
My idea is stupid.
I’m probably being too extra.
It’s not enough.

These are the excuses I’ve been telling myself for the past few weeks, which hindered me from my creative process. This goes as far as to my appearance! I did not want to braid my hair in the colors I usually do, I was afraid to wear certain things that I usually LOVE to wear, embarrassed to write about things that I am passionate about. Until my sister asked me why? And I knew the answer; I feel like I’m being too much.
Now I had to ask myself: too much what, tho? Too loud? Too present? Too much me? Too much like myself? I was hiding myself, my identity and it was time to GET. IT. TO-GE-THER.

get it together
So if you’re hiding your magic, here are three reasons why you should quit hiding your magic!

You never know who’s watching

Do you feel like sometimes you’re just talking to yourself? That the things you say or do are of no use? Let me tell you, there’s always someone watching. Albeit a person you don’t know, but it could be a someone who is in need of your magic. Someone who has been feeling down and out, but because you shared your magic with the world, you inspired them. You might not have a reach like Oprah, but you can still make an impact. Can you imagine? You can make an impact.

You are not alone

Ever experienced sitting in a meeting where the manager asks a question, but no one speaks up? I bet you did. Let me let you in on a little secret: chances are that your peers share the same sentiment as you. Often others don’t speak up, because they (just like you) think their thoughts are probably no good. But as soon as someone takes that first step to sharing their ideas, others follow suit. Why don’t you use that magic and be that one to take the first step? Why not be the one to encourage others to voice their ideas?

Confidence killer

I’m gonna hurt some people with this, but it’s all love. Fact is, not sharing your magic, is a result of fear. Fear of what others might say, fear of what others might think. Fear is a confidence killer! Fear of other’s opinions means you allow others to control how you express yourself. And you, you are an ALFa. No one controls you, but you. You are in charge of yourself, your life and how you express yourself!

With that said;

Go on and be fucking magical! You owe it to the world!


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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m JoΓ«lle, more commonly known as Joey and I am the woman behind ALFa. I was born and partially raised in Holland and partially in Curacao. The best way to describe me is as a young woman on a journey of becoming the best version of myself. Craving to inspire and connect with those who, like me, working on turning their dreams into reality. Humor, passion and inspiration are the keys in my life.

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