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You can make a big impact

I am still on cloud nine after yesterday. As yesterday I got the chance to meet with 3 lovely girls who are working on a project to break the taboo on mental health and the prejudices it comes with. The fact that I got a chance to meet with a group of individuals who want to make a positive impact in the world, but also got to share my story, helped me remember why I started this blog: to make a positive impact on others who need it by sharing my story.

There are days when I write and it feels like it’s useless. Simply because I don’t have a big audience I get the idea that my story doesn’t matter. That telling about my personal experience has no effect.

Allow me to introduce you to my insecurity

The voice that tells me to call it a quits, because I am wasting my time on writing. This voice bothers me all the time and caused me to have at least 25 drafts that might never see the world.

Yet yesterday, standing in the room with those 3 girls reminded me that it does matter. Even though, they were just the three of them, they were so grateful with the fact that I was willing to share my story. And it was then that I remembered when I was going through hell, that reading about the personal experiences of others made me feel less lonely knowing there were more people dealing with the same things. Reading how they overcame their situation gave me hope and encouragement. It was inspiring. And I knew that I wanted to do that too.

I want to make a positive impact

Even if it is for just one person. If I can make one person smile, offer one person encouragement, offer one person hope or anything that helped them to keep going another day…I achieved my daily goal. Which is why I’ll keep going. I will keep writing and I will keep sharing. With the hope that my story will reach the one person who needs it and helps them to keep going as well.

You can make a big impact

So in case you ever felt like whatever you are doing has no use, here’s your reminder that it does. The smallest things you do matter. You might not have the biggest effect on the world, but you might have the biggest positive effect in someone’s world. Don’t underestimate yourself.

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