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10 Motivating Instagram accounts to follow

Just another Manic Monday…Some of us are enjoying their day off. Like moi. While others have to get up early and grind. It’s never easy to get up while the rest of the world gets to chill. Which is why I made this list of motivating Instagram accounts. Because a bit of motivation can get you a long way.

  1. Eric Thomas

    In his posts on IG Eric Thomas a.k.a ET The Hip-Hop Preacher posts clips from his motivational speeches. This man has quite the aggressive way of communicating, but he is doing with a good reason. He wants you to stop making excuses for yourself, so you can win in life. Heads up: Eric Thomas is not for the faint of heart.

  2. Girlboss

    Started by the queen of Nasty Gal herself, Sophia Amuroso created a platform for boss babes sans filter. The content placed are great reminders for the ambitious woman that no matter where they come from or who they are, they too can be a girl boss!

  3. IamShisha

    This fitness-queen is someone who I’ve been following for a long time. Her confidence is very contagious. She is very aware of what she is capable off and displays it in the most straightforward manner. Yet, she also believes in your capacity. Not only does she encourage you to be the fittest version of yourself, but also does she encourages you to be the greatest version of yourself.

  4. Rise Hustle Shine

    This account doesn’t need much of an introduction. The name says it all. They give you the right amount of valuable content. Whether you are lacking confidence, drive, or you are in need of that extra umph…Rise Hustle Shine got you.

  5. Will Smith

    Ever since Will Smith opened his own account, he’s been dropping knowledge on us. Sure he’s funny, sure he’s rich. Yet the comedian not only shares his life with us, but also shares his wisdom. He didn’t get his success by just lazying around. He grinded and never gave up. On his IG he reminds us that we’re responsible for our own future.  But he also asks questions that genuinely make you think.

  6. Boss Babe Inc.

    Similar to Girl Boss, this account is especially for the woman who wants to be a badass boss. The great thing about their content is how it encourages strong women to unite. It reminds us that there’s plenty of room for every woman to become the woman who they are destined to be. And that you shouldn’t be bothered by naysayers.

  7. Lisa Nichols

    This soulful queen is all about celebrating life! She turned lemons into lemonade when she hit rock bottom and is here to remind you that you can too. The motivational speaker travels the world, motivating the public with her story. And those who can’t attend her events she tries to motivate and inspire her followers to start living their best lives too.

  8. Law Of Ambition

    I don’t think this Instagram needs any introduction either. As one of the first motivational accounts I started following, Law of Ambition knows how to motivate my ambitious heart everyday. With its clean content and valuable messages, this profile is great for your daily dose of motivation.

  9. Simple Turtle ArtWho would’ve thought that by adding simple doodles to great motivational quotes can make it even more impacting? Even though the quotes and drawings are simple; they are enough to make you think.
  10. Lewis Howes

    I mentioned him before in my previous post on podcasts to get the day started.  If you’re not a podcast-listener, yet still want to receive inspirational stories, his Instagram is a great replacement. This motivational speaker went from pro-athlete to flat broke to becoming a best-selling author. He frequently has famous guests over and shares fragments of their interviews on his account. So if you’re more of a 1-minute person, this is certainly a recommendation.

    I hope this will make your Monday mornings a bit easier and I wish you a great week!

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