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Ode to Gizmo

As a little kid, the movie Gremlins was one of the movies that gave me nightmares till at least 16.  Strange enough, when I moved back to Curaçao in 2009, I got a Pekingese pup. As soon as I held him, I decided his name would be Gizmo. My little Gizmo was my child and even survived my car accident with me. Sadly enough my baby died about 4 years ago, but there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him.

So, when my brother-in-law got me this shirt, I got super excited. Because I could now wear the image of the creature I named my baby after. Also, my sister and I have a matching item. And according to her twinning is winning.

OOTD Ode to Gizmo

Earrings from ZaraSquare earrings by Zara, €12,95

OOTD Ode to Gizmo

Gremlins t-shirt by BershkaOrganic cotton Gremlins t-shirt by Bershka, €12,99

Bomber jacket by Urban ClassicsWhite bomber jacket by Urban Classics, €65,90

Jeans by BershkaMom jeans by Bershka, €24,99 // Candy red 1460 patent boots by Dr. Martens, €130,-

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