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Well, queen of wishing c’est moi. Unconsciously so. I don’t know how many times I’ve said I wanted something and got mad (not frustrated, just straight up furious) my dreams weren’t becoming reality.  It wasn’t until this year that I had made one of my resolutions to actually see my dreams come to life that I found out that I wasn’t being SMART.

Fun fact: When I started writing this post, a colleague groaned: “At school I practically got SMART beat into me.” Who else experienced this?

If you didn’t get this at school and are unfamiliar with SMART, SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Action oriented (or attainable, achievable) Realistic, Time.

Let me give you an example of my wrongful goal setting a.k.a a wish: I want a new jobReading that sentence now makes me think: Okay good for you. I want a million euro. You see? I wasn’t being SMART.

After a lot of reading did I found out that I had to be SMART. So, I went and be…I turned my wish into a goal: I want a new job this year. To do so, I will register at the top 5 employment agencies.

A couple of months later, I still didn’t get the job that I wanted. You know what’s demotivating? Exactly, not reaching your goals.

Here I am getting angry at the universe again for not giving me what I asked. Calling my mother in tears, boohoo-ing. Eating all my sister’s food in self-pity. Venting all my anger with my boyfriend and my best friends.

It wasn’t until my getaway that I had realized that I had to go from SMART  to SMARTER. The -ER added to SMART stand for Evaluate and Reward.  Now…One of the most difficult, yet essential steps to take is to evaluate your goal. What steps are you struggling with? Was your goal specific enough? Were you able to track your progress? Did you break down your goals in small enough steps with actions you can take? Realistically speaking, can you accomplish the goal? Have you set a deadline? 

It was then that I realized that I wasn’t specific enough, hadn’t set enough action steps, nor had I set a clear deadline. So, I adjusted my goal: I want a new job as customer service representative before my birthday (2nd of September). To do so, I will register at the top 5 employment agencies and respond to at least 4 vacancies per day.

Guess who got a new job as a customer representative before her birthday? That’s right. The queen of wishing. I turned my wish into a goal with a plan and it came true. If I can make my wish come true, so can you. It doesn’t matter how small or big the wish, break it down. follow through on your actions and most importantly reward yourself!

How did I reward myself, you ask? I went in celebrating my birthday! I went all out that night and those who have me on IG got to see it…For those who don’t. Sorry, but y’all will never know!

Now that I understand what it takes to make a wish come true I always set SMARTER goals. Dare I say, that having this new job is also an action step of a bigger goal 😉

Still a little confused as to where to start? Download your printable here .So what SMARTER goals will you be setting? Do share! Looking forward to seeing your wishes come true!


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