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Photo diary: my getaway as a unicorn pt. 2

Hello, my beloved readers. Welcome back to another episode of my getaway as a unicorn. Last week I posted about my first few days on the beautiful island of Curaçao. I shared my mermaid vibes at Mambo, took you to dinner at Fuoco and showed you a couple of recommendable cocktails.

This week I’m taking you to Blue Bay, where my family and I spontaneously ended up spending two weekends. One in the Ocean apartments and the other in the Hill apartments, both boasted an amazing view! BTW: this post isn’t sponsored by Blue Bay (though after all the sharing, they sure as hell should!). My personal favorite was the Ocean, as I could literally see the ocean from my room. And standing on the balcony of that apartment made me once again realize what an incredible island Curaçao is. Man…

Also, we’ll be going to Bonaire, where I chose to do nothing else but eat and read. Quite eventful, right? Oh….Wait! I did have a shot with my mother! Yes, ’cause she’s dope like that. She all about her Slippery Nipples and B-52’s.

And last, but not least…I’ll be taking you out to dinner at St. Tropez.

Enjoy, loves!

Blue Bay Ocean Apartments

Family dinner in Bonaire at Karel's Beach

Posing in Bonaire at Karel's Beach

Creamy cocktail at Karel's Beach Bar

Garlic Conch

Fried Calamari

B52 shot at Karel's beach bar

Dinner at St Tropez

Photodiary of a unicorn 23

Photodiary of a unicorn 24

Man, looking back at these photo’s make me feel homesick. Sigh…Nonetheless! Next week I’ll be back with the photo diary of my final days in Curaçao. 

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