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Photo diary: my getaway as a unicorn

Or as a mermaid, whichever mystical creature floats your boat. But I went to Curacao keeping in mind that I was gonna sparkle like a unicorn. And no less. Why? Because for the past few months I had to look as normal as possible (whatever the hell that means) for job interviews. So I had to refrain from bold and long nails, crazy hair colors or outrageous hairstyles.

Unicorn stiletto nailsAfter being turned down so often, because of my vacation plans (which I totally understand), I felt like I needed to turn my shine on again. How? I told my braidstylist that I wanted a hidden rainbow, and my nailtech that I wanted nails to match my rainbow hair.

GIRL! These two made me feel fantabulous. I was so ready to go to Curacao and have a great time. And I did. Not how people expected me to, though. I didn’t party every night, I didn’t end up drunk every night, nor did I go shopping every day. As a matter of fact, I was flat broke. But I still enjoyed myself, on my way, with the people I wanted to.

Why don’t you take a look at what I did and where I went during my first few days on the island.

Madero Sunset ft Strawberry Kiss at
Photogallery: Madero Sunset drink at Mambo beach Curacao, my dear friend Candice and I, Blue Hawaiian from Madero Ocean Club Curacao

Sitting pretty with my rainbow hair at Mambo Beach Curacao Dinner with the family

Outfitpost: little blue dress with a high neck and white Nike Huarache
Custommade cocktail made at Blue Bay, with slices of lime and lemon

Okay, I admit…I mostly did the “eat, drink and repeat” – routine. But it was sooo good! And honestly, I did a lot more of that. But you’ll see that in the next post!


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