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Sunday Reflecting: live in the present

Not sure why, but there is something about Sundays. Perhaps it has to do with the semi-religious upbringing where on Sundays you’d go to church and visit family. Which later on transformed to my mother going to church and afterwards we’d cruise around to wherever.

Yeah, we would literally just get in the car and drive to certain towns. Admiring the houses, talk about what it’d look like from the inside, look at some poor choices of gardening. But most importantly, it allowed me to dream. Dream of what it’d be like to live in certain of those houses. A waterfront house with at least 4 bedrooms, that contained a jacuzzi. Because what’s a house without a jacuzzi, right? My beautiful convertible would parked in front. I’d probably have no plants or flowers, because my fingers are far from green. Oh, how I would dream.

I think the last time we did this has to be at least 6-7 years ago. So, I had to be 20-21 and I still had the hope that by the age of 25 I’d have all of this.


Instead, I’m living in a one-bedroom apartment (sans jacuzzi, btw) and I travel by public transport.

Oh, one thing did come true though. I don’t have any plants or flowers. Well, I had one plant, but it died (and not even because of me!).

Now, you might think this has me absolutely depressed, because clearly my life isn’t as I had dreamed it would be. But I’m not, at least not anymore.

Which is exactly what has me writing this today.

Despite not being where I dreamed of being, I’m yet very content with where I’m at. My current apartment might not be the house I envision myself in (yes, I’m still talking in present tense. I still dream of  it), but I do have a place to call my home. And it’s not with my parents, which was the most important step. As a matter of fact, in a small period of time I went from living with my parents to sharing a house with three others to having my own little place. My current living situation is so much better than what it was before. Honestly, I’m not stranger’s pee on the toilet seat or having to clean out other people’s hair from the drain.

Of course I have my moments of frustrations and lack of patience. Fact is, I am a very impatient individual and have been very used to getting what I want, when I want. I like to move forward fast. The last few years, life has taught me that it doesn’t work that way. It has taught me to be patient and cherish the now.  Especially when I get on social media and see other’s move. But I always try to get back to the present and appreciate where I am now.

And the now is so much better than where I used to be. Obviously I’m not there yet, but as the old saying goes: if I can dream it, I can still achieve it.


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