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3 Ways To Regain Motivation

Are you experiencing the Monday Blues? Absolutely not in the mood to be an adult and fulfill your responsibilities? Can you hear your bed to have a cheatday?

Hey, it’s okay. Life isn’t always a party. It can be, but since you’re reading this clearly that’s not the case. We all have days where we just don’t have the fuel to get ourselves going.

When I started writing this at 6.23am on my way to work, I was still contemplating to get off the bus and return back home. But Beyoncé didn’t become the queen by laying in bed and watch series, now did she?

Even though it’s okay to have one of those days, the problem with demotivation is that it can linger longer than one day. Even worse, it hinders you from making progress!

So how about we look into ways to get you motivated, so you can absolutely slay this week?

Before we get into what could work, let me start off by shedding a light on what doesn’t get you motivated. Scrolling thru social media. As a matter of fact; social media has been proven to have negative impact on us mentally as we get the chance to compare our entire lives to the instant moments of others.

Okay, now that we got through what we shouldn’t do. Let’s go over what we could do.

Switch it up

One of the aspects of demotivation is boredom. We get bored with our routines. Getting up at the same time, leave home the same time, drive the same route, having to do the same old thing every day for 8 hours, seeing the same faces…Your life becomes a drag. Worse yet, you’re becoming the prisoner of your own life. Time to break free.

When I found myself in that position, I forced myself to leave home earlier than I usually do so I could afford getting out a few stops earlier and have a relaxing early morning walk. As I walked, I was able to see different things. I was able to be inspired. The changes might have been minor, but it was the refreshment I needed to get myself going again.

Why not give it a try? Instead of always drinking tea in the morning, drink coffee. Take another route when you go for your morning run. Wear different earrings. Have fun with it!

Reach out to your inner circle

A big mistake we make is thinking we have to do it all by ourselves. Your friends are your friends for a reason. Talk to them. Sometimes you just can’t figure out what is causing you to feel this way, never mind how to get out of your slum. Call them. By talking to our friends, they can discover what it is that you need.

I happen to have 3 people I can always count on whenever I feel like my life is becoming drag. They know me and my struggles. They always ask the questions that allow me to get more insight on where the problem really lies, which allows me to create a fitting solution.

Your inner circle is your T.E.A.M: Together Everyone Achieves More. Keep that in mind next time when you’re trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Remember your why

I mentioned before in How To Keep Going that this one isn’t easy . For you to remember your why requires a deeper sense of self awareness.

Why do you get up for work?

If your answer is money, try asking yourself this: What are your goals with that money? Is there a particular something you wish to do with that money that makes your heartbeat increase from excitement? That, right there is your why. That is what your passionate about.


I’m personally not passionate about my current job, but I certainly am passionate about being able to take care of my family. This is my main reason to get out of bed every morning. Therefore they are my why.

If you want to know more about finding your why, take a look at Simon’s book Find Your Why.


Like I said, life isn’t always a party. And it’s okay to be demotivated for a day. But after Monday, we still got a whole week to go. So, it’s imperative for you to regain your motivation. We don’t want your progress to be interrupted, now do we?


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