500 Words per day: The challenge so far

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Another Sunday to sit back and relax. Whereas Thursday night I get a glass of wine to write out all my frustrations for Friday, today I got myself a hot cup of tea. No, not for a kiki. This was for a relaxing sensation. This week my dear friend Stephen asked me where my blogs […]

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3 Reasons to choose for yourself

There was a time I was working two jobs and instead of resting, I chose meeting my friends and family over sleep. If anyone used the words: “But I haven’t seen you for so long,” or “I need a favor,” I’d put my rest aside and do what I thought had to be done. As a matter of fact, I’d feel guilty when I chose to do what felt good for me.

Sounds familiar? If so, here are 3 reasons why it’s okay to choose for yourself.

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12 Quotes to kick ass!

It’s Monday, the day that many of us dread. That’s okay. However, that won’t take away that we have to go through Monday. Here are some quotes from inspirational individuals so you can kick ass anyway! Do sharks complain about Monday? No. They’re up early, biting shit, chasing stuff, being scary – reminding everyone they’re […]

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Sunday Reflecting: live in the present

On Sunday’s my mother after my mom went to church, we’d cruise around to wherever. Yeah, we would literally just get in the car and drive to certain towns. Admiring the houses, talk about what it’d look like from the inside, look at some poor choices of gardening. But most importantly, it allowed me to dream. Oh, how I would dream.  Life didn’t turn out that way, tho. Now, you might think this has me absolutely depressed, because clearly my life isn’t as I had dreamed it would be. But I’m not, at least not anymore. Which is exactly what has me writing this today.

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Fashion – My wish list for May

Today I will sharing my short term wish list. Today’s list includes items that I am eager to buy for spring that yet hasn’t properly shown its face. So while the sun is slowly making its way towards our tiny country, I am preparing my closet for spring by making a wish list. What do I need for spring ’18?

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Frustration Friday: 5 types of annoying clients

Welcome back to another episode Frustration Friday. Where I get to get all the shit off my chest to enter the weekend with a peaceful heart. Today I will get into the 5 types of clients who send my blood pressure through the roof.

As a customer care agent, I speak to at least 50 clients a day.   Some of them are so gentle and kind, while some…well… Can be very annoying. Some more than others. See what are the clients that make me wanna pull out my hair.

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Motivational Monday – 3 Ways To Regain Motivation

Monday Motivation Title Image

Are you experiencing the Monday Blues? Absolutely not in the mood to be an adult and fulfill your responsibilities? Can you hear your bed to have a cheatday? Hey, it’s okay. Life isn’t always a party. It can be, but since you’re reading this clearly that’s not the case. We all have days where we […]

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Photodiary: Getaway as a unicorn pt. 3

I’ll be taking you to one of the most memorable days of my life: my sister’s wedding, where I held my first public speech, my niece stole the show and I caught the bouquet (YES BIH). Mind you, today it’s the two-month anniversary of her wedding! Also we’re going sailing with my best friend, going BTS of my beloved partner in crime’s photoshoot and you’re gonna meet some of my family members. 

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Shopping Guide: Party dresses under €50

This one is mostly for my ladies. Sorry, guys.

Inspired by last night’s party that I attended, I decided to have a little list with cute dresses with a cute price tag attached to it. Because who doesn’t love an affordable cute dress?

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Friday Frustations

Friday Frustrations

Today gonna vent and share one of my daily experiences frustrations with y’all as I want to enter my weekend zen. So, grab a cup of tea, or a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, whatever floats your boat. ’cause this will be quite the rant. Warning: a lot of GIPHY’s and swearing ahead.

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