25 Must have items under €20

It is sale galore! Discount here, discount there, discount everywhere. But who’s complaining? I sure as hell ain’t. Especially if you’re like me: going on vacation soon, but basically have nothing to bring along. If  you are, then you’re gonna love these last minute deals! From shades to slippers; I got you. Scroll over the […]

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Ode to Gizmo

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As a little kid, the movie Gremlins was one of the movies that gave me nightmares till at least 16.  Still I named my pup Gizmo (R.I.P). So, when my brother-in-law got me this shirt, I got super excited. Because I could now wear the image of the creature I named my baby after.

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Fashion – My wish list for May

Today I will sharing my short term wish list. Today’s list includes items that I am eager to buy for spring that yet hasn’t properly shown its face. So while the sun is slowly making its way towards our tiny country, I am preparing my closet for spring by making a wish list. What do I need for spring ’18?

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Shopping Guide: Party dresses under €50

This one is mostly for my ladies. Sorry, guys.

Inspired by last night’s party that I attended, I decided to have a little list with cute dresses with a cute price tag attached to it. Because who doesn’t love an affordable cute dress?

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Photo diary: my getaway as a unicorn pt. 2

Hello, my beloved readers. Welcome back to another episode of my getaway as a unicorn. This week I’m taking you to Blue Bay,
Bonaire and last, but not least…I’ll be taking you out to dinner at St. Tropez.

Enjoy, loves!

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Photo diary: my getaway as a unicorn

Or as a mermaid, whichever mystical creature floats your boat. But I went to Curacao keeping in mind that I was gonna sparkle like a unicorn. And no less. Why? Because for the past few months I had to look as normal as possible (whatever the hell that means) for job interviews. So I had to refrain from bold and long nails, crazy hair colors or outrageous hairstyles. After being turned down so often, because of my vacation plans (which I totally understand), I felt like I needed to turn my shine on again. How? I told my braidstylist that I wanted a hidden rainbow, and my nailtech that I wanted nails to match my rainbow hair.

I was so ready to go to Curacao and have a great time. Why don’t you take a look at what I did and where I went during my first few days on the island.

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Shopping list: Open Back Tops

Last Sunday it was an actual SUNday! Giving me a chance to whip out one of my favorite sweaters. Me feeling myself in this weather, took the chance to snap a pic and obviously posted this on IG. After posting this photo I got the question where I got my sweater from. And honestly I […]

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I took the jump!

Yessss! I finally have time to write a new post. Sike, not really. I’m on the bus on my way to work, writing and listening to a podcast. But bustrips have become my only breaks. Or at least I try to make them my breaks as these usually get filled with phonecalls.(Hey Noa, hey Grace!) […]

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Tropical Vibes

| Entire outfit: H&M | Ahhh, the delight of being back in my tropical surroundings. No more layers on layers. No more chunky wear that hide all the effort I’ve been doing in the gym (read: little to no effort). No coat to hide my outfit I put effort into. The only coat I’m wearing these days is branded […]

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90’s baby

| High neck top: H&M Divided | Dungarees: Zara* | Yes, I’m a 90’s baby. Which might be why it’s my favorite fashion decade. Though, I must say that I, myself, wasn’t looking as fabulous as my sister was during that decade. But now, that my mom doesn’t get to use me as her little dress up doll and the […]

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