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Photo diary: my getaway as a unicorn

Or as a mermaid, whichever mystical creature floats your boat. But I went to Curacao keeping in mind that I was gonna sparkle like a unicorn. And no less. Why? Because for the past few months I had to look as normal as possible (whatever the hell that means) for job interviews. So I had to refrain from bold and long nails, crazy hair colors or outrageous hairstyles. After being turned down so often, because of my vacation plans (which I totally understand), I felt like I needed to turn my shine on again. How? I told my braidstylist that I wanted a hidden rainbow, and my nailtech that I wanted nails to match my rainbow hair.

I was so ready to go to Curacao and have a great time. Why don’t you take a look at what I did and where I went during my first few days on the island.

Photo Diary: My 10-day getaway pt. 2

Welcome back to the second part of the photo diary of my short but eventful trip to Bonaire and Curaçao. In my last post I wrote about my first 3 days on Bonaire. This post I will take you with me on my remaining days on Bonaire and my first day back home. Day 4 Day 4…I went for a lunchdate with my mother in town, aka “Playa”. When she went back to work, I went on with my touristic walk, which turned out to be a walk down memory lane. See this Octagon below? This is where I performed at Regatta in 2005 . I had been living in Curaçao for only 3 months, was part of the dance team for only…One month, I believe. And was honored to be performing at one Bonaire’s most visited events. You better believe I was hella proud! And seeing this old stage, really did put a smile upon my face. Okay, enough sentimentality. On with the rest of the photos of the day. Bonaire might be small…Or fair to …

Photo Diary: My 10-day getaway pt. 1

Some may have already seen some photos go by on Instagram, but for those who didn’t; I have just returned from my 10-day getaway. My main reason for this little trip was to attend International Swimwear Fashion Week(end) that took place March 10-13 on no other than my lovely home island Curaçao. You understand that this was the perfect excuse to combine my  trip to Curaçao with a visit to my mother on Bonaire. If you’re still reading, that means you’re certainly interested in knowing how I spent my days. Join me as I look back at my little touristic journey on Bonaire! Day 1 To tourists this may seem like some yucky green soup with meat and other unknown things floating around. But to me and many other Antilleans this soup called “Jambo” aka ocra soup is LIFE.  I can’t cook this yummy goo and my mom ain’t in Holland often enough for me to enjoy it as much as I’d want to, so I was beyond filled with joy when they took me to a local restaurant …