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My picks: Black Friday

Black Fridat scrabble letters

Even if you’re not living in the States where they celebrate Thanksgiving, we still get to enjoy the perks called Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The two days where many stores have so many discounts, it feels like Christmas has come early! Some stores are even so generous, they have already started their sale, which lasts till Monday 2nd.

Being the discount lover that I am, I have already got a couple of items in mind that I’m ready to cop. Some of them already are on sale…And some I’m just hoping they’ll go for sale on Friday.

Accessorize me, dahling

Recently I haven’t been into clothing as much as I am into accessories. Specifically thick and layers of necklaces and oversized earrings. Though, I’ve always been a wearer of big earrings.

I believe that the clothing I already own can get a whole different look with some dope jewelry. So, why not get some while they’re on sale?

Gold Look Chunky Gothic Cross Earrings | Missguided | €9,00 5,00

A little bit of Juvia’s Place

I bought some products during summer and the products had so much coverage and pigment, I couldn’t wait to order again. However, in Holland our customs feels like they should charge an extra 18 euro (!!!) because it’s not from the EU or whatever. I’m not sure what the reason is. I just knew, if I was gonna order from them again it would be a bigger batch. Because I almost paid more for customs than I paid for the products!

With that said; I think you understand that if I can save some (up to 50%), I will!

I AM MAGIC Liquid Concealer

I AM MAGIC Liquid Concealer | Juvia’s Place| 12,70 6,99


So fun story, I wanted to go for the All 4 bundle. However, I found out that the bundle is more expensive than when you buy them separately. I always thought that when you buy a bundle it’s supposed to be cheaper. Whereas they’re 7 dollar each (which would be a total of 28 dollar), the bundle is being is sold for 30.80.

Color me confused

And seeing how I couldn’t get a proper idea of what the Nubian – Nefertiti looked like on dark skin and the description of The Royalty II says it’s perfect for lighter tones, I felt like these weren’t gonna make the cut.

The Nubian – Nubia| Juvia’s Place| 12,70 6,35
The Royalty I | Juvia’s Place | 12,70 6,35
Tribe Vol. I | Juvia’s Place | 13,61 8,17

Another fun fact: Tribe Vol. I is described as a perfect highlighter for darker tones. Yet, guess on what skin tone it’s swatched on the website? That’s right. On a white skin. Sigh…

42 Shades in one

Your girl has been playing a lot with make up this year. But there’s one thing I’m very much lacking: eyeshadows. You will find 50 shades of lipsticks and glosses…And maybe one eyeshadow palette that has 12 shades, I think. These are mostly glittery and not that pigmented for the dark skin.

Hence why I took my sweet time to look up some and read reviews for a proper eyeshadow palette for a beginner. Because let’s not forget that my eyegame on a scale of 1 to 10 is still a mere 3.

That’s why this Beauty Bay palette seemed the right pick for me. Every row shows where you could place the shade best! I mean, what more could I possibly ask for?

Evolve 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette | Beauty Bay | 28.00 €16,80
Origin 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette | Beauty Bay | €28.00 €16.80

Snatch my waist

BIIIIIIITCHHHH…I put the bustier skirt on my wishlist on Missguided in June. I never bought it. Now, in November I saw the skirt and fell in love all over again. But of course, my size was already sold out. Like my sister says: “When you fall in love with an item. Just buy it. Or you’re gonna regret it.” She was right. I did regret not buying it. But seeing that they have a faux leather version at Pretty Little Thing…

Faux Leather High Waisted Bustier Mini Skirt | Pretty Little Thing | €25.20 €22.40

Chunky Monkey

Once again, I should’ve listened to my sister. In case you’re wondering why I’m mentioning my sister again. She practically is like my shopping adviser as well my enabler when it comes to shopping.

I wanted to buy these shoes, I think, 2 years ago already. But I said no, cause I was afraid I would only wear them one season and they’d just be catching dust. If I pay this much money for a shoe, I need to be sure I’ll wear wear them. Now here we are…2 Years later, I’m still living for these shoes. I probably would’ve outworn them by now. Nonetheless, I still want them. So, I think I’m getting them this year!

Buffalo London Hi-Top Sneakers | Zalando | € 189,99 €151,99

Thus far my picks for Black Friday.
What are you getting this Friday?

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