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5 simple ways to perform self-care without breaking the bank

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One of the most talked about topics of 2019 has to be self-care. People have been prioritizing themselves and caring more for themselves. Physically, emotionally and mentally. And I’m here for it!

We have reached the final quarter of the decade. A decade where everything and everyone was fast paced. From the development of social media, to transport, to smartphones. Everything is going fast. And we sometimes get so caught up in everything, we forgot about ourselves.

Not this year tho. This year, we were reminded constantly to think about ourselves and care about ourselves. I’ve read so many handy articles on how to care for yourself. Go out to the spa, take yourself out on a dinner date, go to a retreat.

All, sound marvelous. But let’s keep it real here. We can’t always afford kinda self-care. And self-care that results in financial stress, still isn’t self-care. So stop browsing on that Nasty Gal page, boo. Let’s get into a couple of simple ways to take care of yourself without having to break the bank.


Meditation is that what inspired my self-care journey. It allowed me to remember what truly mattered and how I was holding on to the most irrelevant shit.

Taking a minute to breathe, be still and reflect on yourself is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself.

Granted, it can be quite difficult. If you need some help on your meditation-journey, I highly recommend Insight Timer. Available for both Android as well as Apple


Grab a pen and some paper (or invest in a notebook that makes you excited to write), and write everything you’ve been holding in. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be quite liberating and sometimes even necessary. You’ll notice how your mind and soul both will feel lighter.

Some say meditation goes hand in hand with journaling. I personally disagree. I would say meditation can provide clarity as to what you think and feel, in order to write this down.


Who says you need to go to a beautician when you can just pamper yourself at home? That’s right.

Holika Holika, Pure Essence Mask Sheet | Beauty Bay | €2,25

Take your time to exfoliate, create your own little eucalyptus steam, throw on a hydrating mask…Indulgeeee

Stay hydrated

Here she is again with her hydration. Yes, I am. And I will be here to remind you to take in your fluids. My personal recommendation would be a decent balance between wine and water.

Stay hydrated. Because a hydrated bitch, is a happy bitch.


How about you put whatever it is you’re reading this article on aside, huh?

I know, I know. You wanted to read more. But the articles aren’t going anywhere. Your time for yourself is.

Put your phone on silent, or even better… Turn on your do not disturb and put your phone as far away as possible. Keep it away as long as you can. I’m pretty sure you can last 2 hours without looking for the tea in The Shaderoom. I believe in you.

So, before you officially get to unplugging or fully commit to your self-care practice; do you have any other ways you practice self-care?
If so, share them in the comments down below!

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