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The affirmation you need to regain that determination

Black athlete determined to win his running race

Let’s face it, we all get discouraged sometimes. Ready to throw the in the ring. Feeling like all the effort you’re putting in is of no use. You are trying so hard and yet, you’re still not getting what you want.

Read that last sentence again.

See that right there? Still. As in not yet, but it is going to happen. And you might not feel it at the moment, but I have the affirmation you need to remind yourself that you are going to make that great thing happen!

Tip: repeat this as often as you need in the mirror, preferably in the mornings to start the day with the right mindset.

I am unstoppable
I am a force to be reckoned with
I always bounce back
I know what I want
I will get what I want
I will do what is necessary to get to where I want

Now I need you to go out and be that best damned version of yourself and keep going. We have goals to reach and people to prove wrong! You got this!

Bearded man hypes himself up in bathroom mirror

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m Joëlle, more commonly known as Joey and I am the woman behind ALFa. I was born and partially raised in Holland and partially in Curacao. The best way to describe me is as a young woman on a journey of becoming the best version of myself. Craving to inspire and connect with those who, like me, working on turning their dreams into reality. Humor, passion and inspiration are the keys in my life.

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