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Fabulous Findings for August

Can’t believe we’re already in August. It feels like New Year’s eve was only yesterday. Yet, here we are.  And just like any other month, I have a little list of things I would love to have in my home. Or in this case, visit.

Gymshark Utra Seamless Set


Since I started running, I got myself one pair leggings and one windjacket. I didn’t want to buy more because knowing myself, I wasn’t sure I was gonna enjoy it. I had already bought a pair of somewhat expensive sneakers due to my knees, we had to limit the spending somewhere. But I’ve been running for 2 months now and I think I deserve some new additions to my running gear.

Reuseable waterbottle

For my new (ginger)water addiction. Stay hydrated in style.

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Organza balloon sleeved blouse

Estare just snatched my edges with this blouse. And not just mine, but apparently everyone else’s. If you scroll through the comments, you can see people repeatedly asking where she got her blouse from. Including me. Apparently she had dropped the link in one of her stories. Meaning if you missed the story, you missed the link. Still, I had made it my mission to find the blouse. And I did! On Nastygal! The sad thing is that it was already sold out. What else do you expect when someone when someone with 245K followers shares it? So, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the exact blouse, but we have a dupe!

Are the sleeves not puffy enough for you? Don’t worry, I have another option for you. Except it’s in black. Notes to you, Nasty Gal: don’t share with influencers with a big following if you have a low stock. I love you, but I can’t deal with this continuous heartbreak.

Amazing matte nude for melanin queens

E-ve-ry time I went looking for a nude that matches my skintone, I ended up with some ashy looking pink or sandy kinda lipstick. It is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced. Until I found this Jeffreestar ‘Dominatrix’ liquid lipstick. I love it and people have been asking me about it. Very saturated and will literally stay on all day. It’s legit my go-to at all times.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Velour Liquid Lipstick  Dominatrix | Beauty Bay | €16,95

Fourth Ray Gel Moisturizer

Having an oily skin is a struggle I’ve been dealing with since I was 12. My skin would break out so bad and we had no idea how to deal with it. It is only until my last vacation that I found the right products that would keep the oiliness at bay and prevent break-outs. The only problem with these products is that it almost requires me to eat tuna for the whole week. It’s so expensive. Absolutely worth it, but still…We don’t need to go hungry to have proper skin. As if the financial goddess heard my prayers, I bumped into this gel moisturizer that seems to be great for oily skin. And it’s only $12! That makes it all kinda worth to give it a shot, especially if it saves me €20  (about $22).

More balloon sleeves


On my search for black-owned fashion brands, I stumbled upon this gem called Libaya. Founded by girlboss Nsimba Valene Lontanga for “the global style conscious women’s wardrobe”. I would say Libaya is a wonderful mix of current trends with African influences. They have lot of bold, colorful items yet it was this earthy-toned off-shoulder top that caught my eye.

Cocktails and food at Rum Club

Just recently opened Rum Club in Utrecht. I have yet to visit it, but since one of my closest friends works there I’m sure the drinks are killer! Literally. He can make the best poisons you’ve ever had. And I heard that the Tropical infused menu is great too. I personally can’t wait to go.

If you ever happen to go, ask for Wolf. Tell him Joey sent you; you’ll be in for a treat.

XL Silver Clutch


Confession time: I’m not a bag person. And it shows. I literally have one shoulder bag, one handbag and about 3 clutches that I happen to have bought for special occasions. But mostly I wear my shoulder bag and handbag, which are both black. Easy to match. But, I have decided that it’s about time to step my bag-game up. And this silver beauty might be the one to start my expansion with.

SorellaxFUBU Joggers


In my previous post I wrote about the comeback we didn’t know we needed. I listed some of my favorite items, but this one is my absolute favorite. These babies can look cute with heels, sneakers. Casual and sexy. You can style it many different ways. Plus they’re comfortable!

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FUBU Black Track Pants | Sorella | €58,00 ($65,00)


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