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My Newfound Guilty Pleasures

You may have noticed that I’ve been quite absent for the past few weeks/months. And there was a reason for this. It turned out that I have a tennis elbow. You might wonder what the hell that is, well…I’d lie if I know exactly what it entails. All I know is that apparently a particular tendon (or more, not sure) got overloaded.

What caused this, you ask? Well, the thing I’ve been saying that I had wish had been the case was of excessive late-night activities with my boyfriend that includes hands. Instead, it was due to repetitive movement; writing, typing, texting, clicking the mouse and not taking any breaks when needed. Because who needs breaks right? I can just go on. I’ll be fine.

And apparently the fact that I had a car accident almost 10 years ago where I had damaged my elbow and they probably did a shitty job taking care of it. I mean you should’ve seen the impeccable spiderweb of stitches the intern put in me, because she felt that was necessary only for an actual surgeon to fix it a few days later.

Ancient car accident + repetitive movement + terrible self-care = an arm injury usually 50-year olds endure

I was forced to take all those breaks that I had ignored, combined. Because it had gotten so bad to the point that even my skin was irritated. I couldn’t touch it, I couldn’t move it. My arm was just…There. In constant pain.

Anywhooo…We’re now about 2 months was further, and I can say I can move my arm again! I’m not entirely there yet, but thanks to painkillers, anti-inflammation meds and a physiotherapist that enjoys sadism more than he likes to admit, I’m recovering…Slowly but surely.

But the goal of this post isn’t to tell you my sob story , but to let you know what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks that I’ve been out of it. As I had one arm and was literally allowed to only rest, I had to find ways to get thru my days without going batshit crazy (still lost my mind, but that’s another story). Aaaand…During these weeks I’ve come to grow some newfound guilty pleasures.

Teen TV dramas

Just when I was prescribed plenty of rest by the doctor, the second season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina came out. It was so good that I finished it in 2 days (could’ve been one, but I can’t exactly recall anymore). But when it finished, I had some questions. So of course, my curious ass went to look for answers. Which is how I fell into the rabbit hole. Turned out there were some references being made in Sabrina that referred to ‘Riverdale and vice versa. Against my better judgment, I tipped my toe in the pool of Archie Comics. Result: I finished watching 2 seasons of ‘Riverdale’ within a week. Watched them again to postpone watching the third season, which was only uploaded once a week.

Ugh, ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ were so good

But, when that was done. I went on to teen romance movies and came back to more teen drama. Like I said, I had too much time on my hands. Having a mind does overtime, isn’t very helpful either. So watching TV shows that were light to the mind and soul (unlike When They See Us), helped me through the weeks a lot. Sometimes it was mindless binge-watching, but don’t get it twisted, these shows discuss some heavy topics as well.

Teen romance movies

This all started with Riverdale. With ‘Riverdale’ over, I needed a substitute. And so I fell into ‘Heathers. Those who have seen the latest season of Riverdale understand why. From ‘Heathers’, I fell into ‘Drive Me Crazy‘, into L.O.L unto 22 more teen romance movies.

It stemmed from boredom, then it became a bit of a challenge for myself: to watch as much teen romance movies as I could, till I get better. However, I had to quit the list as it had started to get repetitive and just straight up boring. I mean, in every teen romance movie there’s a parent missing in the family. Either the parent left, or they died. Which for some reason leads to the (ridiculous) behavior for some of these characters. No, I needed more substance. Which is why I went back to teen TV dramas (currently watching Switched At Birth).

Game apps

I can’t believe I stooped to this level. But I did. I got to the point of downloading games on my phone to keep myself entertained. From mystery-apps, to trivia apps (you don’t wanna play trivia against me, btw), to AR.

The trivia I downloaded to keep myself a bit sharp, you know. Get my brain juices flowing a bit.

But, once again, I was getting bored with ‘em. Also, can I say that even tho we often only use one hand for our phones. To be limited to actually use one hand, especially for games was exhausting.

I still play a bit of Harry Potter. Even tho, it’s literally a knock-off of Pokemon Go. It’s still fun, tho I’m sure it’s easier with two hands.


Ginger root and I go back a while already. It all started with my colleague-friend (Hi, Maxi). She was on her cleansing tour, which included having pure ginger water with slices of lemon. As the good friend that she is, she would try to get me to drink some of it every time we were at work. I was well aware it was good for my stomach and would be great for my skin, but…It had no sugar.

Now, before I was sent home I would drink what my colleagues would say: sugar with tea. If you’d ask me how much sugar I wanted in my coffee or tea, you’d judge the fuck out of me. However, I didn’t mind ‘cause I’d walk and work out this sugar anyway.

But now we home. We’re at home doing nothing. As in the sugar (and caffeine) would just float around in me, without having an outlet. Picture this if you will: sugar + caffeine + a restless mind = What? A recipe for disaster.

I’m tryna recover, we ain’t got time to be mentally all over the place (it happened anyway, but I was gonna do my utmost to prevent that from happening). Plus, I wasn’t tryna gain unnecessary weight, so I went to the drugstore and got me some herbal tea. They were…Alright. Then my mom advised me to get actual ginger and perhaps add some cinnamon and a bit of honey to it to get an enjoyable flavor.


Every morning I’d have a cup of ginger tea with either some slices of lemon. Or cinnamon sticks. At this point it has gotten a bit hotter and I need to drink cool (freezing) drinks. Thanks to Pinterest, I’m still drinking my ginger. Yes, ma’am. We are now drinking ginger-water with some bio honey.

Ginger has become part of my routine. Every morning before I have breakfast and before I have dinner, I have my ginger-water. There’s no way I don’t have ginger in my house now.

These are some of my current guilty pleasures, of which the ginger one is the only useful one. What some of your currently guilty pleasures you like to indulge?

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