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It’s all about the earrings, baby

Featured image of statement earrings

A little while ago I came to find out that a friend of mine had to spin at an event that was nearby my home. Since it had been quite some time since I’ve been out out (as in: play dress up, go to a club, dance like your life depends on it and come back home at a time that usually is the time your alarm sounds) I felt like this was the party to go to. Also, I love watching him spin and it had legit been 9 months since I had gone to one of his gigs. So, this was an absolute win-win.

But when it comes to going out, there’s always one big problem:

What the hell am I going to wear?

I didn’t know what I was gonna wear and tbh, I didn’t wanna spend a whole lotta money on a new outfit. Especially since I have a birthday coming up and already spent quite some for a cute outfit. So, you know…Had to improv with whatever I had.

This plan worked until I met this incredible lady, named Maartje at the nailstudio. We had seen each other a couple of times before, but it was only recently that we had a full on convo and I noticed her beautiful earrings. Turns out she made them herself.

Earrings? Handmade? Handmade statement earrings?

Sold. I immediately knew I needed a pair of earrings from her. We linked up thru IG immediately to make the magic happen. I didn’t have much requirements, as long as they’re big, bold and made with passion! That’s all I wanted. And she came thru.

And so to let the focus stay on the earrings, we chose to go for an all black outfit. Let it all be about the earrings, baby.




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