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How to detect the small minded people in your life

If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who aspires to achieve greater things (I mean, that is the whole point of my blog). You might be dreaming about becoming the first lawyer in your family, starting your own business or perhaps moving to a foreign country. Go you for wanting bigger things in life. But life wouldn’t be life if you didn’t have people frowning upon your greater dreams and desires. Allow me to introduce you to the small-minded people in your life. You might have one of them, maybe a couple of them…Hell, maybe even a bunch of them! I dunno. And it could be that you have no idea you’re surrounded by them either. Hopefully after reading this you’ll gain insight and will be able to detect those people.

They’re judgmental

They have their opinion locked and loaded. Of course we all have an opinion and of course every now and then we all judge others.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

Or something like that. However, small-minded people are quicker than the average to pass a judgment. They’re clouded by their own opinions as how things oughta be and actually believe anyone doing different must be a fool.

They stay in their comfort zone

Small-minded people won’t try new things easily as they are quick to assume. They assume they can’t dance. They assume they don’t like steak. They assume you will. They will assume a whole lotta, without actually trying. In order to grow, one must leave their comfort zone and try to do the unknown.  Sadly enough, they will stay in their safe bubble. But that’s because…

They believe to know everything

Since they believe their opinion is factual, they believe they must be right and therefore have no knowledge to gain. According to them they have reached their peak in knowledge. What could you possibly teach a know-it-all? And you best believe they enjoy showing you they know it all.

There’s no reasoning

I find this the most aggravating traits, because more than often have I found myself talking to people about my findings and have them persisting they’re right. As in there’s no way in hell they could be wrong. How dare I imply such a thing.? As matter of fact, how dare I possibly start a discussion? They know, therefore it is right. Part of this trait is that they probably won’t even listen to what you have to say. If they do, it’s only so they can reply and prove you that they’re right.

Salty Sally or Stanley

As you might have been able to tell already, small minded people are quite habitual. They will hold on to what has been taught to them (once upon a time, when they were still flexible), to what they know and what they do. Even if it’s hurting them. They might be in a ditch, but they’ll stay there. Because trying new things (that could be possibly help them) is not what they do. No ma’am. They prefer remaining salty, rather than trying things that could change their lives and, God forbid, make them happier!

Steve Harvey Quote on Big Dreams & Small Minded People

Did a particular name or two (please don’t let it be three or more) popped in your head while reading this, then chances are that these people are the small-minded individuals in your life who disapprove your next crazy idea and will talk you out of it. Chances are that these are people are rather close to you as well and not to be ditched. Though, in all honesty if you… Do so. But if you can’t or you’re not ready to take that step, just don’t share your wild ideas and just execute these ideas! Don’t give the small-minded people the chance to discourage you and get in your way of following your dreams. There are plenty of open-minded people rooting for you.

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