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January: looking back

January in lettered tiles

To all those who experienced January as a long ass year, congratulations! You’ve made it to February!

As you might have known, I had some goals set for last month. Phew, where to begin?

24 Books goal

Well for starters, I didn’t manage to read two books last month. I did manage however to finishLittle Black Book by Otegha Uwagba one, which I also wrote about. Currently reading book #2: The little black book by Otegha Uwagba. In all honesty, had it been in English, I’d finished long time gone. It’s not the most complicated or thickest book. I just have a harder time getting through books written in Dutch. But we’re still only in February! Can I still reach the 24 books by the end of 2019? We’ll see…

How did it go with the working out, you ask?

*Scratches head*

I haven’t been on the mat for a week…Yes, today it has been a week. Which means I haven’t done yoga nor any other exercises for a week. Meaning, the muscles are shrinking bit by bit again. I will have to say that I had a full-on cardio session when I attended a live performance by my favorite band. My calves and thighs are still burning as we speak. But…That doesn’t entirely count as exercising, so…We haven’t met our work-out goal. Will we get back on the mat soon? Bet your ass I will. Check my Instagram story tomorrow.

Moving on to the financial goal

Let me get really candid on this one: I gave my savings to Drake. There. Remember when I said that I wasn’t meeting my saving goals? Apparently, I did a better job than I anticipated, because I had put enough money on the side to be able to buy Drake tickets. But those were my savings that I used, while the tickets belonged in category “wants and wishes”. In my defense, he didn’t give me much time to prepare! He literally announced his dates 2 weeks ago and the ticket sales started a week afterwards. I mean…Yes, I know. I’m making up excuses. Sigh…In better news; I did make it to week 5 of the 52 week savings challenge!

Looking back on January, I know that up till week 4 I was doing better than I anticipated. I did mess up on the final week of January on every goal. I am willing to admit this and know to meet my goals, I have to do better. Cut the excuses and go for it.

For February I don’t have any other goals I wish to reach other than the ones I mentioned before. I will get more specific on my savings goal for February; which I have set on €400.

How did your first weeks of 2019 go?
Have you been able to meet the goals you have set?
What are your goals for February?

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