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Weekly report: 2-3

Welcome to the belated weekly report of week 2 and 3! As of week 1 I pledged to share the progress of my goals with you. Now that we finished week 3, let’s see how that has gone.

Exercise 2-3 times per week

With pride I can say, I nailed it and failed it! The goal for January is 2-3 times per week, the long-term goal for 2019 is every day. Hence I was hella proud of myself when in week 2 I marked Friday as day my fifth day of exercise. For the weekend I intended to d extended yoga sessions, but I got lazy.

This laziness stretched itself along to week 3. I literally didn’t do one bit of exercising for week 3. And it was noticeable. At least for myself. I was less energetic and also a lot more on edge. Because to be frank: yoga has been doing great things for my mental state. Plus: a bitch is almost able to reach her toes again!

Read 2 books this month

One thing I have been learning during this goal setting progress is that I have to work on my energy management.

I started reading so well! I was reading a chapter per day. But in week 2 I just couldn’t get passed chapter 6. And it had nothing to do with the book being boring. Au contraire, it’s a great book! However, my energy wasn’t up to taking me further than one page in the afternoon. And fact is, we all are different kinds of people. You have the early birds, the afternooners and the night owls. I am an early bird and can get most done in the morning. Reading is one of them. But by 12-1 pm issa wrap. I get slow, I get tired and I’m less focused. Therefore, I really need to make sure to get my reading done in the mornings on the bus and drop other unimportant activities (read: endless scrolling and whatsapp) during the commute.

But as I realized I only have only 10 more days left before January was over, I realized I could still do it as long as I prioritized properly. Therefore the time off in week 3 was spent reading. Which was mostly during the weekend. It included saying no to a couple of events I wanted to attend, but hey…Priorities. And so, book 1 has been successfully finished. Without a lie, I think this book has to be one of the most eye-opening book I have read.

Apply the 50-30-20 rule

“Hi, my name is Joey and next to procrastinating, I also like to spend money on ordering food.”

* Takes off bra, because she’s getting very uncomfortable.*

Okay, so…This one is a 50-40-10. I did manage to put aside the 50 percent for my fixed costs. As for the 30-20. Still not so much…And it’s exactly what I said; I spend way too much money on ordering food. I very much dislike cooking and love the comfort of ordering food. Sadly enough, this clashes with my goal. Clear to say what adjustments to make this week…Ugh.

On the bright side; the 52-week challenge is going well! And some of my friends have also joined me!

Care to join me on the 52-week challenge and save up to €1400 as well?
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Concerning the posting on my blog 2 times per week…It all comes down to prioritizing. I continue to getting my priorities mixed up, which causes me to put energy in the wrong things. The worst part is, I’m fully aware that no one is responsible for this but me. However, this is also the most important part as I am aware.

For week 4 I am:

  •  Getting back on the mat
  • Reading Little Black Book
  • Fucking sticking to what my priorities are
  • Apparently cooking more, even when I don’t wanna
  • Posting twice this week on my own blog and once on Melaninfinity Magazine

How are your goals for 2019 going thus far?

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