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Weekly report: 1

Hello there my fellow ALFa’s! Welcome to my first weekly report.

The reason I have chosen to do this weekly report is, because just like any year I have set goals for myself. But I often slack on my goals and a few months ago, I realized why: I don’t have anyone really keeping me accountable on my goals.

I know, no one should have to hold me accountable for my goals. After all they are my goals. True. However, some people still need an accountabillibuddy as an extra push. It’s like having a gymbuddy. Having a gymbuddy means having a spotter or whatever it’s called, have someone to share the journey with and someone who will hold you accountable for slacking. Slack frequently and you lose credibility.

It is for that reason that I choose to do this report. It allows me to share my journey and being held accountable by you, my readers. And hopefully; I’ll be able to even inspire some of you.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I will be sharing all of my goals as I have a whole list of them; for this month, this year and for the next five years. I still believe that some should remain unsaid and be achieved in silence. But sharing some of them won’t hurt.

For now let’s just look at the goals that I have set for January.

Exercise 2-3 times per week

To say that my physique hasn’t been what it used to be, to me is an understatement. I have gained more weight than I would like to admit, I run out of breath when walking up the stairs and I can’t even reach my toes without being sore for at least 2 days. While I used to dance 2-3 hours straight per day and drop in a split as if it was nothing.

So, my first intention was to start subscribe at the Amsterdam Dance Centre, as they offer the classes that speak to me most. It would be a great way to work on my condition and physique at the same time. Not to mention, it is only 20 minutes away from work.

But y’know, I splurged a little during the holiday season. So, I had to cut back on some expenses for this month. This, however, shouldn’t be a reason to change the goal. As the saying goes:

“Change the plan, never the goal.”

Since I already wake up extra early, I figured I could do yoga at home before work. And so, I did. For the last 5 days I spent 15-25 minutes for a little yoga. Guess who got a real slap of reality when she did a simple forward fold? But that’s okay. The most important thing is that we started and we did reach the goal of exercising 2-3 times per week.

Read 2 books this month

Last year, I must have bought at least 8 to 10 books, of which all I’ve started reading. But none I’ve actually finished. So, this year we will read those books (and perhaps even discuss some of the findings, if y’all would like).

This month, I chose to start with “The subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson. I chose this book as I believe it fits well to one of my resolutions of 2019: “Less giving a fuck.” To finish this book in 2 weeks, I would have to read one chapter per day. Not gonna lie, this controversial book makes it very easy to keep reading. My preferred times to read are during my daily commute. Headphones on, Beyoncé on, let’s read.

Apply the 50-30-20 budgeting rule

Que idiotic dance while reading this: “I can’t save for shit.”

I swear, one of my biggest weaknesses is handling money. Last year was the first time I managed to save for my vacation and it genuinely was one of my biggest accomplishments. This year, I want to do more and save more.

Not sure how I got to the 50-30-20 rule, but reading about it on The Balance certainly was an eye opener and something I wish to apply. Scratch that. Something I need to apply.

50-30-20 rule by thebalance.com

But in week 1 failed to apply. Not gonna make any excuses, but like I said before: I splurged a little (too much) during the holidays and still had rent to pay. So let’s just say this week was more of a…80-
20 rule. Of which the 20 was for my wishes a.k.a ordering takeout.


But(!!!) I also started a 52-week savings challenge with my mother and sister. This, I did accomplish to do.

Want to save around €1400 along with me this year?
Download my free printable and join me on my 52-week challenge!


As for posting on my own blog 2 times per week. After my “Less/More” post, you have now reached post #2 for the week.  I think it’s safe to say, I’m on the right track.

How is the first of the new year going for you so far?




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