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My less/more list for 2019

2018 Is coming to an end and according to society this means it’s time to make new year’s resolutions. Only this time next to my never-ending list of goals, I chose to make a list things I want less of (read: leave behind in 2018) and what I do want instead.

I do wanted to add a little note concerning the final point: “giving a fuck”. Because this can call up the notion that I am intending on being careless for the next year. This is not the case, but for the past few years I have allowed the fear of opinions of others hold me back to doing what I truthfully want. In order to grow, I have to care less about what people could be thinking about the steps I am taking.

With that said, I want to wish you all a great new year!  May you check off your bucketlist, smash your goals and, of course, live healthy. Let’s kill 2019!

Want to make your own list? I got you! Click  here to download your own template.



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