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Empowering a billion women by 2020 – My experience

One of my goals this year was to attend more events that can help me expand my network of like-minded individuals. I’m not gonna lie…Up till now, I haven’t visited as much events as I was hoping I would due to work. But, I have visited a couple which left me inspired, driven and some even disappointed.  Read on to found out what my experience was with EBW2020.

But what is EBW2020?

EBW2020 identifies themselves as a global community of business women. On their website, they state that their purpose is “to empower women to build a global sustainable future through the elevation of women, and to demystify and democratize access to capital resources for women everywhere.” Their goal: to deliver a complete system, combining mentorship & training along with products and services, to current and future female entrepreneurs, which will allow them to build businesses of sustained value and create the economic & social progress the world desires.

Hmm…Sounds interesting, right?

Allow me to tell you. It is.

I attended an event 3 weeks ago organized by the chapter of Amsterdam in the Andaz Hotel. Sidenote: they refer to a division of the organization as chapter. The lovely Melissa Tolud -founder of the Mellola Movement – invited me after I couldn’t attend the previous gathering in May.  Like I said, the mission of the organization sounded very interesting, so I took this opportunity with both hands.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be one of those pretentious events where everyone feels entitled? Would it be one of those cozy homelike events? Would it be interactive? Would it be 4 hours of non-stop listening? I had no clue. It was after all being held in the luxurious Andaz.

Warm welcome

Unsure of what to expect, I was welcomed with open arms. Literally. Melissa immediately received me with a warm embrace.

The kind Melissa Toulod, founder of the Melolla Movement, and I

The kind Melissa Toulod, founder of the Melolla Movement, and I

Still, I didn’t know what was coming, but I did feel very comfortable. As we were waiting for the rest of the invited to arrive, the other few ladies already present engaged in conversation with me as well. And allow me to say; I suck at making conversation with people I don’t know. But these women made me feel quite at ease.

Marketing in the digital world

The topic of this month’s gathering was about ‘Marketing in the digital world’, given by Veronica Guguian. Veronica is a strategic marketer with a passion for stories and startups. With her company SPIN Ideas, Veronica’s goal is to help entrepreneurs create a solid and authentic marketing strategy based on their stories, and help them find their place in the market.

Veronica’s presentation was clear and very interactive. If you’re a noob in the digital world of marketing and social media, she’ll make you can understand how things work.

Because we were a small group, we had room for questions and discussion during the presentation. As a matter of fact, because it was such a small group it actually felt like a class in marketing. Based upon the questions given she was able to apply it to our personal situations.

So, will I attend again?

Even though I expected many more to attend, I actually appreciated the fact that we were such a small group. Being a small group allowed for more personal attention and more connection with one another. Seriously, how often do you go to events with tons of people, talk to many and end up remembering perhaps 2-3 of whom might have forgotten you already?

In this case, I was able to remember them all, connect with them all and get a taste of that sisterhood they promote.

Still, I would love attend one of their meetings with more people. And I will attend again, because if the presentation given was as informative and useful as Veronica’s and the warm energy is even bigger; EBW2020 is definitely a tribe I’d wouldn’t mind being part of.

Their next gathering of the Amsterdam chapter will be on October 20th in the Andaz Hotel. For tickets and more info click here.

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