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10 Easy ways to treat yourself

My 2 week vacay has recently begun. And this vacay is all about treating myself. I made the mistake to wait till my vacation to do so, but you don’t have to. We work and deserve a bit of happiness everyday.  If we, don’t we’ll just get dragged along in the slums of our daily lives. Treating yourself is a form of self-love. And if you don’t love yourself, who will? So, let’s look into the ways we can love ourselves a little.

      1. Stay in bed longer – How often do you actually sleep in bed during the weekend? Quite often we use the weekend to do all the things we can’t do during the week. Which requires waking up early and leaving bed. Instead of getting up at 7, how about you stay in till 9?
      2. Have breakfast in bed – Ah, so maybe you do have to get out at 7, because just like moi, in the weekend your stomach is your alarm. No biggie. Get up and make breakfast (or warm up your leftovers), then take them back to bed with you.

        This is basically me having breakfast in bed

      3. Netflix and chill – And I’m not talking about the Netflix and chilling you have in mind, I’m talking about the literal version. Open up Netflix and chill the fuck out. Binge watch that one show everyone’s been telling you about.
      4. Make no appointments – This is how I experience adult life: working throughout the day and making appointments in the remaining few hours. Though some of these appointments are probably meetings with friends or family, even that can require a particular kinda energy. You need that energy too. Try having a day or simply an afternoon without any appointments, so you can save your energy for yourself.
      5. Order food – I love eating, but I hate cooking. I cook, because hey, my bank account doesn’t allow me to order food daily nor hire a chef. So by ordering food, I am treating myself on a day off from the kitchen. I allow myself to sit back on the couch and order my food, instead of standing in the kitchen for 1,5 hour.
      6. Go to the library – If your home is not a place where you can enjoy your time off in peace and quiet, the library is. Even if you don’t wanna read a book, most libraries have café’s or lounges with Wi-Fi where you can watch your show on your laptop or whatever it is you’re using.
      7. Be your own date – While some find it very lonely or boring, I personally think it’s quite lovely to be my own date every now and then. Take yourself out to lunch or dinner.

        Tell ’em, sus

        Go to that place no one’s been wanting to go with you and enjoy the meal. Or go to that comedy movie everyone else’s been saying is too corny and laugh! And don’t forget, you’re your own date. So don’t forget to get the biggest popcorn, since you don’t have to share it with anyone else.

      8. Have a party by yourself – Open Spotify, turn up the volume, fill your glass to the rim and just dance!
      9. Buy yourself a gift – Oh, the joy when you come home and you find a package in your mailbox with your name it. Or when you go to town and come home with multiple bags.

        Okay, so clearly that’s more than one gift. But every now and then, that’s perfectly fine! As long as you don’t end up spending the rest of the month eating tuna.
      10. Have a spa-day – The most cliché treat of all; to have a spa day. But fact is, pampering yourself is one of the best ways to treat yourself. Get a massage, release the stress from your body. Get a mani-pedi. Lay back in a hot Jacuzzi. Granted, it’s not the cheapest treat, but Groupon (and VakantieVeilingen for NL) can offer you great discounts.

    You best believe these two weeks I will do all of the above.
    And for those who are continuously grinding, here’s your reminder:

    What are some of the ways you’d like to treat yourself?


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