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Bitch, don’t kill my vibe

Ahh, the sun is out! And that means I’m out as well! As a child of the sun, I’d be a fool to stay in and let this sun go to waste. So, carpe diem! Or as I’d like to say, carpe SUN.

Even those who are not children of the sun come out and play. They are ready to get their tan on, jump in that water they refer to as sea; they are all living their best life!

Well, not all…

There are always people, who despite all the goodness there is to experience, still find the bad in a good day.  Some refer to them as Negative Nancy or Pessimistic Pete.  Whatever you call them, they always know how to suck the fun out of your day.

That’s right, they like to make people feel as miserable as they do. Something like the more the merrier?

I don’t know about you, but that’s a party I’d rather not be part of. So, here’s my message to you: don’t let anyone kill your vibe!

Yeah, but that’s easier said than done.

I know. Especially since it’s often those who are close to us, who have such an impact on us.

I am someone who can easily get affected by negative emotions of those very close to me. I repeat: very close to me. Those who are outside of that literally will not affect me or just piss me the fuck off. For example: if I’d call my sister after having a really great day and during the conversation I notice she can’t see the good in anything, I’d feel really shitty afterwards. My good day would be over.

This would occur with many people who are close to me. Until I realized I was the one allowing them to affect me this way.

Now you might wonder how you are the one allowing others to affect you?

Look, if their day’s shitty. That’s well… Too bad. You can only try to make their day better, but if they choose to stay down. That’s up to them.  That’s the choice they made. Keyword here is choice. They have a choice. And so do you.

What choice do you have?

You get to choose how you react to those who are not able to see the good in anything. There are 2 options:

    1.  You can let them affect your mood, feel down yourself and kiss your good day goodbye.
    2.  You can tell yourself: bitch, don’t kill my vibe. And enjoy the rest of your day.

For the sake of yourself, I recommend to choose the second.

This might appear selfish, but it’s not. You can be there for whoever it is that is feeling down, without having to feel down as well. Honestly, who are you helping by wasting your precious day on negative feelings caused by others?


No one.

With that said, protect your energy. Letting others bring down your positive vibes doesn’t make you a better friend/ lover/ sibling etc. Show empathy and give love to the one in need, but make sure your energy stays unaffected.




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