500 Words per day: The challenge so far

Another Sunday to sit back and relax. Whereas Thursday night I get a glass of wine to write out all my frustrations for Friday, today I got myself a hot cup of tea. No, not for a kiki. This was for a relaxing sensation.

This week my dear friend Stephen asked me where my blogs were, because I hadn’t posted anything since last week. My intention at that point was to upload a Wisdom Wednesday, but I didn’t. Nor a Frustration Friday or a Stylish Saturday. This choice was consciously made.

When I started the 500 words per day challenge, the intention was to write 500 words and upload them for 31 executive days. Otherwise it didn’t count. Honestly, I started out so ambitiously. I was like: “Hey, why the hell not? I got this! It’s not like I got something else to do…”

Turns out, I do have other things to do and they take more time than I anticipated. Perhaps you have started to notice; I suck at estimating and calculating, which I why I take up more than I can handle. Plus the fact that I am too ambitious and sometimes believe I have an ‘S‘ on my chest.

This writing thing takes a shitload of time. You might finish reading it in 5-10 minutes, but writing and editing can easily take up 3-4 hours. And I’m still talking about merely one post. Of course I can choose to write a quick 500 words and just throw it out there as it is, but that just ain’t me. I like my shit to look good and entertaining.

Technically I should be at the end of my challenge. Yet, by the count of posts I am officially on day ten. But the reason I started this challenge was mainly for learning purposes. And despite this only being my 10th post, I have already learned quite much.

For starters, I learned that ya girl really can’t plan. I bought an agenda this year with the intention to bring structure to my life. However, I notice that I’m still an organized chaos. I say organized, because in a way I stil manage to keep it in control. If that makes any sense. I plan ahead to make sure that I have enough time to get everything done in time and still have some room for errors around it. Still, I underestimate the time I need. So, with that said I have learned the following as well:

Posting every day isn’t for me. Writing is, but posting everyday is still in conflict with my current schedule. Which is why I have made the decision to post at least 3 times a week on the fixed Mondays and Wednesdays. The third day may vary between Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This way I can make sure I write the posts in the quality I desire, without stressing myself out when I run out of time.

So, ladies and gentlemen, from now on you can expect Monday Motivation, Wisdom Wednesday and more coming to you on a weekly base! To make sure you don’t miss out anything, like my page where you’ll continuously be updated whenever there’s a new post!


3 thoughts on “500 Words per day: The challenge so far

  1. Today I started writing my novel and I set a 500-word a day goal for myself. Tonight I got to work and found that I had the night off so I am on my way home now, where I will likely write more! My advice to you, don’t limit yourself to 500. If you hit the 500 mark, see how much further you can go. It can’t hurt


    1. That is so true. I must admit, I never limit myself to 500. But it works as a great way to set a bar for myself! Thank you for the feedback and good luck on your novel!

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      1. Thank you! 500 is working out great for me because it’s easy for me to do and it’s that daily nudge to my self-confidence. At the end of the day I would have made progress on something! I can’t wait until next year when it’s finished


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