Fashion – My wish list for May

Like every fashionlover I have a wishlist. In my case, I have two.

  1. A long term wish list: this list includes items I have to save for (p.e. Chanel purse, Loubies etc).
  2.  A short term wish list: you already guessed it. A list of items that I want to buy today rather than tomorrow.

Today I will sharing my short term wish list. Today’s list includes items that I am eager to buy for spring that yet hasn’t properly shown its face. I know spring started in March, but I mean…I’m still wearing my winter coat. And my colleague had the audacity to comment on it as if I’m the crazy one. Yes, I’m still wearing my winter coat. Is it 20 degrees? No? I’ll keep wearing it!

So while the sun is slowly making its way towards our tiny country, I am preparing my closet for spring by making a wish list. What do I need for spring ’18?

Colorful statement earrings

Geometrical earrings, Zara. €15,95 / Tassel fan earrings, ASOS, €20,99 /  Geometrical earrings, Mango, €15,99

When it comes to earrings, I’m an advocate for go bold or go home. However, for the past few years I’ve toned down on colors. I made the choice to go for more neutral colors in order so I could match them with nearly everything. Not this year, tho. Come through colors. Bring on the rainbow and let’s be seen!

Cat eye sunglasses

Glitter framed sunglasses, Dollskill, €40,66 / Small pointy sunglasses, ASOS, €19,99 / Pink reflective sunglasses, Missguided, €15,00

Whether you like it or not. The cat eye always knows how to find its way back into our lives. Personally I wasn’t much of a fan of the round-framed cat eye that was (and somewhat still is) trending. But when it comes to the classics, I’m all here for it.  I am ready to channel my inner 50’s femme fatale.

Denim jacket

Classic denim jacket, Boohoo, €48,00 / White denim jacket, Zara, €39,95 / Red denim jacket, Monki, €50,00

You really didn’t think a wish list for spring would be complete sans denim jacket, right? Last year I didn’t get myself a denim jacket. This year, I’m tempted to get all of the above. Because this year it’s not just about the classic denim look. This year we get to play with colored denim as well. Pink, red, yellow. You name it, you wear it.

Cargo pants

Olive cargo pants, Fashion Nova, €28,85 / Cobain pant, I. AM.GIA, €69 / Camo pants, Urban Outfitters, €48,65

To some known as cargo pants, to others known as Cobain pants. Whatever you wanna call them, these comfortable babies need a spot in my closet. Not only are they utmost comfortable, they are wearable for different styles. You can go for the tomboy look and wear them with sneakers. Or go for a feminine look and wear them with heels. It’s all possible.

Thus far my wish list for this spring. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do (and might end up eating tuna for the rest of the month). Oh, and if you’d like to keep track of more of my personal wish list, follow me on Pinterest.

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