Frustration Friday: 5 types of annoying clients

Welcome back to another episode Frustration Friday. Where I get to get all the shit off my chest to enter the weekend with a peaceful heart. Today I will get into the 5 types of clients who send my blood pressure through the roof.

As a customer care agent, I speak to at least 50 clients a day.   Some of them are so gentle and kind, while some…well… Can be very annoying. Some more than others. See what are the clients that make me wanna pull out my hair.

The Commander

This one definitely belongs in my top three of most annoying clients. This client will allow you to finish your opening sentence and then start with: “Listen up…


See, sir. You just started off on the wrong foot. You have now  put my body and soul in refusal mode, which means you lost your chance at me wanting to do extra efforts for you. But let’s see what we can still do for you.

Even when you go on politely, discussing what you’re able to do for the client, The Commander will interrupt you and tell you: “This is what you’re gonna do…


Sorry, sir. Perhaps I should’ve let you know that I don’t do well with authority. I inherited this from my father. I will do my job and do whatever is required to help you, but had you been nicer I probably would’ve done so much more.

 The Late Payer

To me, this is the least worse of the bunch. This client paid their bill late and then gets mad at you because:
1. They received a reminder that they haven’t paid yet. Chill Mary. We all have had moments that we paid our bills later. I mean, Vodafone is probably gonna receive their payment a bit later this month because I had to buy those shoes last month (I know, priorities). Just pay the bill and you good.
2.  You have sent their open bill to the debt collector. First of all, I didn’t do anything.  Second of all Mary, you got three reminders to pay the bill. You didn’t bother to contact us, so we were unable to help you. It is now in the hands of the debt collector. Yes, I know you gotta pay the additional fees. But now it’s in their hands.
3. You put their subscription on hold. Sorry we can’t continue your subscription without receiving your payment? Screaming at me won’t make the subscription restart any faster, though.


The Dramaticus

The Dramaticus is the kinda client who has never had any trouble since they started their subscriptions. Mind you, we have clients who have been loyal customers since WW2. After reporting one mistake they start threatening with cancellation of their subscription. giphy11

Come on now, Albert. Let’s not go there. I get that you’re pissed and rightfully so. But now you’re overreacting. How about I pass on the complaint, while you have a chill pill and get yourself a nice cup of coffee? You still got a whole day ahead of you. Have fun!

The Business Owner

The Business Owner is quite similar to The Commander; they are very authoritative and demanding. The difference is that The Business Owner believes they have every right to do so because they run their own company and know it all.
No, Susan. You don’t know it all. You know how to run your business (kudos to you, btw. Girl power!). However, I don’t work at your business nor do I work for you. My job is to help you the best way the company that pays me allows me to. Not how your company would. giphy12

The Racist

This is absolutely the worst of all. I have clients who claim the job isn’t done right, because a foreigner is doing the job.


I’m sorry, Billy-Bob, do you mean we are incapable of doing our jobs right? Perhaps I should pass you on to my supervisor. Oops, he’s a foreigner as well. And apparently we all absolutely suck at our jobs.

I’ll never forget how one of my clients called to file in a complaint and he literally said this:

“Luckily he just upgraded and put some lights on his bike. We can barely see the kid, he’s black as hell. If he gets hit it’s a shame, but the damage he might cause would be a bigger shame.”


Did you just say, that the material damage is worth more than the kid’s life?

At that point, I had to let him know that he was talking to a black woman and if he wanted my help, he should be very careful with such statements. After I had said that he was suspiciously hesitant to share his phone number for us to contact him. I swear, I could hear my heart beating in my head. I was glad when the conversation was over!


If you are a client and you are reading this, please keep in mind: you are dealing with people. You can get mad, but don’t make it personal. We are trying to help you the best we can. Okay, not all of us (I’m looking at you KLM and UTS).

Have you ever dealt with clients that made you wanna put your hand thru the phone and…just…You know? Share your experiences with me!

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