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I uninvite myself

A few days ago some of my closest friends a.k.a my master mind group were having one of our early morning group conversations which started with my proposal of “killing ourselves” by going out the night before a seminar we’re attending together. One of them immediately jumped in on the invite. That’s just how he is, he’s the reckless one among us and also our bartender and no this is not a good combination, we barely make it out alive after one night with him. But after I sent out the invite, I was like…Yo, I gotta think this thru. I also gotta work that day, attend my kid brother’s game (trust me this requires almost as much energy as playing the game), next day we got a seminar and I also wanna go out? My old ass self usually need at 48 hours to recover after a night out. This would be a form of suicide! His words: it’s not something that we haven’t done before.

And that’s when it hit me. He was right. It wasn’t something we hadn’t done before. As a matter of fact, we had done this quite often. Going out one night, coming home, take a shower and then on to whatever activity is next.

But, and this is exactly what I told him: “2018 Is going to be the year of doing things I haven’t done, to achieve the things I haven’t yet.”

Get it? No? Let me rephrase it in a well-known quote:

If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done. – Thomas Jefferson

For me that is to sacrifice some of the things I love to do. That immediately meant revoking my invitation. Because as much as I want to go out, I won’t be sharp at the seminar that can be of great essence for my goals of 2018.

But this made me realize: I have to uninvite myself from certain social gatherings that are not beneficial to the things I wish to accomplish. So before 2017 ended this is the deal I made with myself and to those who are joining me on my journey:

I uninvite myself

As much as I’d like to go out and have cocktails, unleash my ratchet self on the dance floor, go out for dinner or anything for that matter every week…I have to uninvite myself to put in more times in my goals.

Because recently I found myself saying: I need more time. That was me making up excuses for myself. I don’t need more time, I need to prioritize. I need to make the choices that are necessary to get to where I want to be. This means, I choose to use the hours I’d usually use for preparing, traveling and partying for working and achieving.

Some may think that my decision makes me dull, some may think my decisions make me cheap or have some other form of negative thought of me. Quite often it’s those who either already have achieved their goals or have no ambitions who share these thoughts.

There, I said it gif by CBC

That’s fine. Clearly I’m not for you. Sorry, not sorry.

To those who respect my choice and still hit me up on WhatsApp or FB…Much love to you! I hope that all of us can grow together and achieve the goals we have set for ’18.

This decision can appear quite drastic, but I know what I do it for. Most importantly, I know it is necessary. Because honey, in ’17 I finally finished laying my foundation. It’s time to build up now.


Do you have any goals that require drastic changes?

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