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I took the jump!

Yessss! I finally have time to write a new post. Sike, not really. I’m on the bus on my way to work, writing and listening to a podcast. But bustrips have become my only breaks. Or at least I try to make them my breaks as these usually get filled with phonecalls.(Hey Noa, hey Grace!) But now, I technically have time, plus a reason to write.

Because your girl just started  her own (t-shirt)-line. That’s right. I finally took the jump. Some of you who have been following me on IG and/or on FB were already aware and some of you even ordered already (yay!).

I’ve been wanting to start my own line for so long, but fact is…Your girl can’t sew shit. Which is quite a requirement to start up from scratch. Or so I thought. Actually, I thought I lacked a lot to get started. I can’t sew, I don’t have a proper computer to work on, I don’t have a start-up budget. All by all, I solely had been focusing on what I didn’t/don’t have. Until I started paying attention to what I did have: a notebook (a paper one, no laptop) and some ideas…So I started scrabbling a lot and anywhere possible.

One day I went to shop online and I noticed that the kind of tees  I liked with graphics were either too infantile or too expensive. And Imma keep it very real, I am not gonna pay €60 or more for a t-shirt in a country that only permits me to wear the shirt once or twice a year before I have to trade it for my sweaters. So, that’s when I felt like I should try putting some of my own scribbles on t-shirt.

This was months ago…

After a lot of scrabbling, researching, brainstorming, doubting, ranting (thank you for all those who put up with me), scolding (received from my mother for not taking any actions); I figured it was time. I asked my friends who were interested, what they wanted, grabbed my few pennies and went to order.

4 Weeks -a lot of haphazard, traveling up and down- later, I finally received my babies! I’m not gonna lie…I was still scared shitless, but that changed when I saw them. They looked so great!


I am probably not the one who was allowed to say so. Luckily, my friends who bought the first few, agreed and even more lucky for me, more people do as I am now on  my second order.

They might still be small orders, but I am truly grateful for the positive reactions I’ve been getting. I am doing what I love and people are wearing my creations.

The excitement is GREAT! I still have a long-long-loooooong way to go as I want to grow. I’m making a lot of mistakes still, since I’m learning along the way. But I’m glad I took the jump.

So stay tuned, because  there’s a lot more coming up. And if you’re interested in having one of my babies, feel free to DM me or email me.

And I challenge you to set aside all your excuses and jump. Jump and enjoy the thrill.

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m Joëlle, more commonly known as Joey and I am the woman behind ALFa. I was born and partially raised in Holland and partially in Curacao. The best way to describe me is as a young woman on a journey of becoming the best version of myself. Craving to inspire and connect with those who, like me, working on turning their dreams into reality. Humor, passion and inspiration are the keys in my life.

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