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Photo Diary: My 10-day getaway pt. 2

Welcome back to the second part of the photo diary of my short but eventful trip to Bonaire and Curaçao. In my last post I wrote about my first 3 days on Bonaire. This post I will take you with me on my remaining days on Bonaire and my first day back home.

Day 4

10-day getaway pt. 2

Day 4…I went for a lunchdate with my mother in town, aka “Playa”. When she went back to work, I went on with my touristic walk, which turned out to be a walk down memory lane. See this Octagon below?

10-day getaway pt. 2

This is where I performed at Regatta in 2005 . I had been living in Curaçao for only 3 months, was part of the dance team for only…One month, I believe. And was honored to be performing at one Bonaire’s most visited events. You better believe I was hella proud! And seeing this old stage, really did put a smile upon my face.

Okay, enough sentimentality. On with the rest of the photos of the day.

Bonaire might be small…Or fair to say, tiny. But it has plenty of interesting things to see. From the memorial for the fallen soldiers of World War 2 to the time capsule that will be opened on February 2nd 2042. Ny ass will be 52 by that time. Ha, still young enough to witness! Lemme write this date down…

Of course, a visit to Bonaire wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the family. I finally got the chance to see my uncle, whom I haven’t seen for about 3 years and my cousin who I literally have never met before! Hey, better late than never. Right?

Day 5

It was my final day, and I had my mind set on visiting the Donkey Sanctuary! A lot of people were asking me: “Why go to the Donkey Sanctuary when the island is infested with donkeys?” One, because the profit goes to the care of all those (600!) donkeys. Two, I wanted to see and experience the donkey sanctuary myself. And three, I’ve been dying to pet a donkey ever since I saw ’em walking around.

10-day getaway pt. 2

Lemme summarize my donkey-experience: I buy bag of carrots, I drive into the park both windows open, donkeys notice me, car gets swarmed by donkeys. That’s exactly how it went. They did tell me in advance that the donkeys were curious and would wanna get some of the goods, but I didn’t think so many would come at a time! It got to a point where I had to close my window, because they would keep sticking their head in the car and I was afraid I’d hurt them as I drove on. But! All by all it was a wonderful experience seeing those lovely creatures in such a natural habitat being well taken care of. So, if you’re visiting Bonaire, definitely go by the Donkey Sanctuary!

Day 6

The day I’ve been looking forward to. Bonaire is nice and all, but in all honesty, I was dying to go to Curaçao. I was dying to go home. I was so excited, I couldn’t even take photos. All I could think of was surprising my family that I hadn’t seen in forever. But after giving nearly everyone a heart attack and all my tremors were under control, I immediately hit the road.

10-day getaway

See that good good I’m holding there? It’s called a batido, and it’s heaven’s gift! Sweet Lord. Funny thing about this batido. I immediately went to buy 2, ’cause I wanted to bring one to my best friend…Well, the batido never got there. And it’s not because I was so greedy that I drank it myself, but I got lost…As always. Yes, my orientation is shit.

Nonetheless, we were reunited at night after all! After his ass got lost as well, tryna get to my place . Telling me I should be ashamed for getting lost…What about you, huh?

10-day getaway

Say hi to my best friend and the author of Field Trip – VBK & Triple7 Store Review. We went to The Alley and as usual had such a great time together. Dancing like old times. Cussing at the ridiculous price of the drinks. And not understanding how people can wear slippers that should be left at home out to the club =/

That’s it for part 2, loves. Stay tuned for part 3 in which I’ll be focusing on my Swimwear Fashion Week(end) experience!


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