Fenty x Puma by Rihanna

We all know by now that Rihanna is a trendsetter. Therefore assigning Rihanna the new creative director of Puma to blow some new life into their brand was a very smart move.When she brought out the Puma Suede Creepers, I knew she was gonna take it to another level. And I was right. Because this Fenty x Puma collection for fall is everything! I mean, how you gon mix up Asian influences with sports, goth, rock & sex? Rihanna did it, tho. And I’m loving it.

Look, I’m no fan of her when it comes to her music *ducks for the rotten tomatoes*. However, I gotta give credit when it’s due. I love her ballsy sense of style and I’ll gladly take a stroll thru that closet of hers. , as do many others.

Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 might be the most hyped collection of NYFW, but I give this one to RiRi. So here are my 10 favorite looks of the Fenty x Puma collection of Fall ’16.

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For the full collection check out Vogue.com.

So, tell me….Are you feeling this collection or nah?




One thought on “Fenty x Puma by Rihanna

  1. I really wanted to love the collection, but felt let down – I didn’t think it was anything special, and I expected so much because I love her style! I wrote up a review of it myself and it’s pretty much the opposite of what’s written here 😂 but totally agree with you that she has amaaaazing personal style.


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