fuck it all

“Are you having a rough day? Does your computer seem to be plotting against you? Are you about to choke that annoying client? Then have yourself a nice pill of Fukitol! Instant relief of stress guaranteed!”

Fukitol; a pill we all take in sometimes. And rightly so, otherwise some of us would be in jail right now. I know, I sure as hell would’ve been.

Yesterday, after attending a webinar at 2am during work, I felt so highly motivated to improve my blog. It was quiet anyway, so I went to do a little sumsin sumsin on my blog. Before I continue, I’d like to point out that I genuinely believe technology hates me. And I mean, every form of technology. Okay, on with it.

So, there I was at 4am ready to work on my blog, starting with a new theme. New theme found, let’s TRY new theme. Meh, not my thing after all. I want my old theme back. *Puts old theme back* Sidebar gone. Huh? Why? Dunno, doesn’t matter. Let’s get sidebar back. Starting with my Instagram widget, something super-simple that turned absolutely complicated for some inexplicable reason. Nonetheless, I brushed it off and decided to attend it later. Moving on to the next widget, which luckily went in a jiffy. Great! Next! As I’m busy, my stomach notifies me that we haven’t eaten in hours. But my stomach just has to wait, ’cause if I eat I get sleepy. Sleepy me = bye bye motivation.

About an hour of a little trial and error, basically everything was back to normal. Except Instagram…Feeling somewhat dull I still decided that my widget would be fixed this instant. But my clients thought different. They thought it’d be a good moment to ask dozens of questions (that were answered already), be unable to make decisions and just call over and over and over again. While I’m here fighting with this one damned widget on an empty stomach!

Warning: F-bombs ahead.

So guess what, I took my pill of Fukitol. 0 Fucks were given. I was like fuck this, fuck it, fuck you. I’m going home.

I closed up and left the office. Zennnn…Only to find myself running for the bus again. But once seated, I was zen again.

I say: every now and then, take that pill. Fukitol, relax and then hop on back on track. Don’t take in more than 2 a-day, though. Nobody likes a totally careless bitch.

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